Planning A Halloween Wedding?

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Halloween Wedded Bliss couple can't wait to kiss...

Here comes the bride then comes the groom. They're going to be married real soon! They set the date, so don't be late. Bones keep a clattering, teeth keep a chattering.

Planning A Halloween Wedding
Halloween Wedded Bliss Couple

1. Plan Where to Have It

An outdoor woodland scene creates a rustic feel. Choose an old stone chapel or haunted house for a spooky effect. Autumn color mums create a natural setting in yellow, orange, white and rust tones. Place orange or white pumpkins throughout, for your Halloween theme.

2. Make Your Own Bridal Bouquets & Boutonnieres

My daughter and I did it on the fly and inexpensively the night before the wedding. We bought different fall color flowers at Trader Joe's. By the way we had never done it before, so if we can do it you can too. I also cut fresh mint and herbs from my garden to mix in the bouquets. Wide satin ribbon, florist pins, wire and tape were purchased from the craft store. After cutting the flower stems we picked flowers that went well together. Wrapping the stems together with wire and green florist tape, securing the satin ribbon at the top and bottom with a pearl tipped florist pin. We made brides, bridesmaid, flower girls' bouquets and the Β grooms', best mans' boutonnieres using the same concept. We cut just the blooms of the left over flowers to fill the flower girls' basket. The flower girl had fun throwing them in the lake and along the path. At the end of the day she had the empty basket on top of her head, itΒ was too funny and cute. Kids always know how to lighten up the party.

Making Fall Wedding Bouquets

Fall Wedding BoutonniereFall Wedding Bridesmaid BouquetFall Wedding Bouquet

3. Halloween Wedding Lights

String orange, purple, or yellow lights. Arrange candles in colors of orange, black, white or dark purple. Starlight micro led lights battery operated lights with flexible wire come in orange, purple and candlelight glow. Battery operated LED lights can be put in clear canning jars or around table centerpieces. No electrical cords to worry about, so use your imagination.

Mason Jars with Orange LED Lights

Battery Operated LED Lights

4. Create Vignettes

Welcome guests to sign in; spray old or inexpensive picture frames black, spray inside with chalk board paint write Welcome or spooky words on it. Decorate with tarnished silver platters, teapots, and silverware. White cheese cloth can be used to make spooky ghost web table covers by tearing the edges and making random holes. Angle and hang off sides of table.

5. Pumpkin Drink Station

Cut a large pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds, an insert a bowl filled with ice (to use as ice bucket) or stick drinks in it. Serve a toast with Champagne in a black bottles (like Freixenet extra dry cordon negro).

6. Halloween Wedding Entertainment

Think outside the box, hire a Halloween comic or a magician. Play you favorite music or hire musicians and throw in Halloween music in the mix. Like The Monster Mash it's a graveyard smash. There are spooky good tunes out there! Be creative, there is no rules.

7.Β  Halloween Wedding Food

Serve pumpkin soup, skeleton pork ribs, white ghost piled high mashed potatoes with acorn squash. Porcelain basic white plates look monster smashing with black napkins. Crystal pieces can add a touch of sparkle and glam. No need to purchase, borrow from family and friends. An inexpensive alternative would be to have a simple Halloween potluck. Cloth or disposable plastic black tablecloths set to mood. There are plenty of disposable Halloween party plates, napkins in white, black, orange, purple, or blood red.

8. Halloween Wedding Cake & Candy Station
Serve orange frosted cupcakes or a wedding cake topped with a unique Halloween wedding cake topper. Fill colorful Halloween candy in clear glass containers or dishes (candy corn, monster mash jelly beans, licorice bats, harvest mix cream candies) there are lots of Halloween treats to chose from.

Halloween Wedding Cake Topper

9. Encourage Guests to Come in Costume

Remember it's all about making the fun filled memories. Tip; Make sure to invite Grandma & Grandpa and the kids they can be a bundle of laughs!

Invite guests to throw candy corn in the air after the Halloween wedding ceremony.


Do you have any Halloween wedding ideas? We would love to hear from you!



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