25+ Retro Halloween Cutouts: Do You Remember?

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Vintage Halloween Decorations

Go back in time with charming old school Halloween cutouts reproduced from vintage Halloween decorations.

Retro Halloween paper cutouts bring me right back to the 50's when I was a kid. You would see paper cutouts taped to classroom windows. My classmates would be thinking about Halloween for weeks. The excitement would build as we got closer to Halloween.

We all had different ideas and had fun deciding what character to be for Halloween. Usually, stuff we had around the house dictated or inspired us. You could get very creative with a simple black or white eye mask that sold for 10 to 15 cents at your local 5 and dime. The boys wanted to be a Cowboy, Zorro, Tonto or the Lone Ranger. Girls wanted to be a pretty princess, fairy godmother or maybe a witch. One year, I dressed as a hobo, wearing men's trousers and a cap turned to the side. I smudged charcoal on my face, that I had found along the railroad tracks, to look dirty. If you were lucky your parents could afford to buy you a mask or store bought costume. Maybe a character like Popeye the sailor man or Bozo the clown. I was just a kid and I have to admit I felt a little bit envious.

Lone Ranger

We rummaged through our parent's closets and the rag bags to come up with ideas. My Grandma had an old trunk in her attic that was filled with every keepsake you could think of. We thought it was a treasure trove. Postcards, letters, photos, her wedding dress even my great grandfather's World War I uniform and parachute. My sister and I would sneak up to the attic and unroll the long parachute without my grandma knowing. Then quickly roll it back up before she heard what we were up to. We imagined making Halloween costumes out of the vintage clothes in her truck, but we didn't dare.

Vintage Roll Top Trunk

I remember a Halloween parade pageant contest in Southington Connecticut where I grew up. Kids crafted costumes out of boxes. I remember one trick-or-treater dressed as a T.V. with rabbit ears. One boy covered a box in tin foil to look like a Martian from outer space. Hoping to win a prize for the funniest, scariest or prettiest costume. Kids dressed in costume paraded down the dark downtown street. If your homemade costume was the best in the show, you'd win the cash grand prize.

Apple orchards were abundant at the time in Southington. You could smell fresh pressed sweet cider and apple fritters in the crisp cool night air. Apple cider was our beverage of choice. Dangling donuts eating contests and bobbing for apples were fun Halloween activities. Now that I look back, I think us kids were the lucky ones. Making my own costume from scratch made me more imaginative, creative and artistic. It's funny how that works!

Apple Orchard

When I was a kid our teacher's decorated classrooms with fun Halloween cutouts. Witches on brooms, black cats, owls, moons, and jack-o-lanterns. The orange and black cutouts were taped on our classroom walls and windows. The Halloween cutouts inspired our art and craft projects. Our teacher would have a Halloween party. One of the moms would bring in Hoodsie ice cream cups with wooden sticks and cupcake treats. It was a time to get a little silly and have fun with classroom friends.

We looked forward to trick-or-treating Halloween night. Going door to door ringing doorbells throughout the town. We didn't stop until our paper grocery bags were full of candy loot! Every neighbor on the street had their front porch light on ready for the Trick or Treaters. I loved to see their windows and walls decorated with orange and black Halloween cutouts. Neighbors had small candy treat bags ready on trays on their front porches and parlor rooms. Do you remember those cute Halloween treat bags?  I have so many fun Halloween memories, I bet you do too.

Vintage Halloween Cutouts from the 1950's

Vintage Halloween decorations transport you back in time. You will have fun decorating with these retro paper cutouts. Plus disposable paper party supplies make clean up fast and easy. Bring back fond Halloween memories with the Beistle Vintage Halloween Collection. Coordinating retro Halloween decorations make decorating fast and easy. Plus storage is a snap. Invite your friends and make some goodies. Don't forget the popcorn balls and the little bags of candy corn for your trick-or-treaters!

Get ready for a Halloween dance party, the Scat Cat Band is here! The original images of this old school Scat Cat Band date back to 1941. Reproductions of these vintage paper Halloween decorations are made in the USA. Display these double sided cutouts on windows, walls, and doors for an Old School Halloween party!

Scat Cat Band - Vintage Halloween Decorations by Beistle

No vintage Halloween party theme would be complete without this classic Vintage Witch Cutout by Beistle. Original artwork for the Vintage Witch Cutout was illustrated in 1933. Variations of this popular Witch Cutout were made all the way through 1949.

Vintage Witch Cutout

This fantastic 55" tall jointed paper skeleton was originally produced in 1936. It reminds me of the vintage paper skeletons grade school teachers would hang on classroom doors in the 50's. Hang on your door for a quick and easy Halloween decoration. Buy your Vintage Jointed Skeleton reproduction here.

Vintage Jointed Skeleton by Beistle

Black Scratch Cat made from a 1928 illustration is a real retro winner. This hissing black cat has movable legs and tail. Remember when we were kids? Making black cats from construction paper, white paste and brass fasteners. These retro Halloween cutouts bring back all those memories. I can still smell the white paste and feel the stickiness on my fingers tips.

Jointed Black Scratch Cat - Beistle Vintage Halloween

Witch and Cat Danglers retro design date back to the 1950s. Like decorations, your parents or grandparents may have had and hung from the ceiling. Watch these shiny orange and silver foil danglers turn in the breeze. Witch and black cat have the look of sheer Halloween delight!

Witch & Cat Halloween Danglers by Beistle
Set the mood with these old school Halloween cutouts. Including a classic witch, magic jack-o-lantern, and crescent moon with stars. Reproductions of vintage Halloween decorations circa 1933. This menacing foursome will make Halloween decorating fast and easy. Decorate walls and windows with these nostalgic paper cutouts.

Vintage Halloween Cutouts by Beistle

Sassy Cat Party Boxes are adorned with Sassy Cat artwork circa 1948. Great for stacking, party favor's or fill with your favorite tricks or treats. For a Halloween gift idea, put a personal message inside and tie ribbon for extra zip!

Sassy Cat Party Favor Boxes by Beistle
Scat cat Band Signs are a black cat Halloween quartet. A jazz singer, banjo, guitar, and accordion players. These four cool cats are reproductions from 1941 they're the cat's meow in the blues, jazz scene. Scat Cat Band Signs have wooden sticks and are 21" tall. Decorating idea; Prop up in a hay bale, witches cauldron or in a large weighted pumpkin bucket.

Vintage Halloween Cat Cutouts on Stakes

I love the combination of orange, black and green in these Mini Vintage Halloween signs. These retro Halloween signs were first produced in the 1930's. A grinning moon with two black cats and a crescent moon with a cat and two black tickling rats. The metal stakes make them great for decorating buckets, barrels, pumpkins and hay bales.

Vintage Halloween Yard Stake by Beistle

Charming Mini Cats & Rats Halloween Signs in bright orange, black and green. Four mice have gotten into the pumpkin patch and are fine dining on this big jack-o-lantern. Two tricky black cats put up a Halloween detour sign. Don't let these tricky cats trick you out of your sugary loot.

Vintage Halloween Signs

What would Halloween be without a traditional cat & moon? I love this classic Cat & Moon Tissue Centerpiece. A reproduction of the original 1930's version. An orange moon grins at a black cat atop a honeycomb tissue paper stand. This fun Halloween centerpiece makes a quick and easy decorating splash. Get your party on a roll, just add all your special treats and secret potions to your Halloween party table.

Vintage Halloween Centerpiece Cat & Moon

The Witch and Moon Tissue Centerpiece originally produced in the USA during the 1930's. This classic Halloween centerpiece reminds me of flying Kitchen Witches you might have seen in the 1950's. My neighbor had her Kitchen Witch hanging in the kitchen window over the sink for good luck. The crescent moon gets a chuckle out her pulling the moon's hair. I never knew the moon had hair? A fun Halloween decoration for a candy treats table!

Vintage Halloween Centerpiece Crescent Moon & Witch

Start planning your fortune telling party for boys and girls. Vintage Jack-O-Lantern Game is a sure fire winner. Spin the dial and your fortune will be revealed in the jack-o-lanterns shifty eyes. Create a vintage Halloween atmosphere with this reproduction Jack-O-Lantern Fortune Game created in 1930. Grandma is going to want to play this game! What will your fortune be?

A pumpkin golden, a pumpkin round, for you a sign of money found.

Vintage Jack-O-Lantern Fortune Telling Game

The Witch Fortune Wheel Game is about to get real creepy. A reproduction of original artwork circa 1927. Fortune telling games bring me back when I was a little girl and I went to the carnival with my sisters and brother. There was always a fortune teller both with a gypsy lady and a crystal ball inside. Just put a nickel in the machine and a piece of paper with your fortune would pop out. It was fun and exciting! Reveal the numbers boys and girls the party is about to begin!

A black cat purrs with keen delight,and pumpkins all are grinning, because they know, some happy night, your sweetheart you'll be winning.

Vintage Witch Fortune Telling Game

These fun retro Owl & Cat Masks remind me of the simple eye masks we would buy at the five and dime in the 50s. We planned for weeks what character we wanted to be. I had so much fun making homemade Halloween costumes from old clothes and things we had around the house. I have to say my siblings were real creative. Create a vintage Halloween atmosphere with these retro Halloween masks.

Vintage Halloween Cat and Owl Masks

This Jack-O-Lantern Mask stick is a fun retro Halloween party accessory. Illustrated with witches, black cats, pumpkin ghouls and flying bat. A reproduction of the original pumpkin masks designed in 1929. Use as a vintage themed Halloween decoration, mask or fan! A fun retro Halloween Party idea; prop in a pumpkin or cauldron bucket, filled with candy corn or popcorn balls.

Vintage Jack-O-Lantern Mask by Beistle

Add vintage flair with these Vintage Witch Peel 'N Place Halloween decals. Fun, fast and easy Halloween decorations. Fun for the whole family. Reproduction images from Vintage Halloween decorations circa 1933. 10 reusable decals including a witch, cat, bats, owl, crescent moon and jack-o-lantern. Display decals on windows, walls or your refrigerator.

Vintage Halloween Decorations Decals by Beistle

Vintage Halloween Lanterns come to mind when I saw these Halloween Silhouette Coasters. Your party guests will appreciate having a festive coaster to place their drink on. Silhouette images of a witch on a broom and black cat from 1928 will make you feel like you've gone back in time.

Vintage Halloween Silhouette Coasters Party Supplies

Retro Halloween Party Plates. Spooktacular orange and black party plates include vintage Halloween images from 1928. Coordinate with our set of Scratch Cat Napkins for a vintage Halloween theme. Vintage Scratch Cat Napkins with images reproduced from the original 1926 drawings. These vintage style party plates and napkins will make clean up fast and easy!

Vintage Halloween Party Plates

Scratch Cat Napkins - Beistle Vintage Halloween Party Supplies
Jazz up your Halloween party scene with orange & black festooning. Tissue paper garland with old school charm. Hang or drape from the ceiling, tables or mantles. A quick and easy Halloween decoration, a party must have!

Orange & Black Tissue Paper Halloween Festooning

Get reproductions of all of these vintage Halloween decorations and cutouts here.

Lay Halloween cutouts flat in a plastic storage container for easy storage.

Invite all your friends to a costume party and bring out sweet treats and delicious eats. This is going to be an instant Halloween party!

Halloween Fortune Teller Says; I see a lot of SPOOKTACULAR FUN IN YOUR FUTURE!!!!

What are your fondest Halloween memories?



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