Quick & Easy Petite Easter Egg Cakes

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Make these quick, easy, Easter Egg Petite Cakes with ready made store bought ingredients.

My inspiration for these flower decorated pound cake eggs came from my Grandmothers hand crochet flower dollies. She would rock in the rocking chair and hand crochet pansy flower dollies when the dollies were finished she would starch the dollies flowers with an old fashioned sugar water recipe that was handed down from her mother to form the purple pansy flowers.

Easy Petite Easter Egg Cakes made with store bought pound cake

Roses are red, violets are blue, I remember picking violets in the meadow at Easter time. What about you? Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It's fun to watch the kids go on a Easter egg hunt. Scurrying searching for chocolate bunnies and eggs to fill their baskets. In the fifties when I was a little girl, my grandma shopped at the five and dime store, called Grants. Grandma Corrine bought all her crochet craft supplies there. She handmade the most beautiful purple, lavender and yellow pansy flower dollies. Every Easter Grandma would buy my siblings and I the biggest chocolate candy egg. It was the sweetest, sugary giant chocolate egg, filled with vanilla cream fondant Easter egg. Decorated with hard sugar icing flowers in yellow, pink roses and purple violet flowers.

Glazing Petite Easter Egg Cakes


• 1 - 16 oz. Frozen Pound Cake
• 1 - 16 oz. Canned frosting. Plus more if using to piping flowers & leaves.
• Food coloring for flowers and leaves
• Yellow sprinkles
• Assorted candy pearls

Let pound cake stand out of the freezer for several minutes.  Cut the pound cake in half horizontally to make two pieces. Use your cookie cutter to cut egg shapes out of the pound cake.

Place a wire rack onto a baking sheet with your egg cut outs on top.

Place your frosting into a microwavable bowl with a spout for pouring (I used a measuring cup).

Heat frosting in microwave until melted.

Pour over the pound cake cut outs while they are still cold.

Let set for 15-20 minutes in the fridge.

Decorate the cakes with candy pearls.

Use a small leaf piping tip to pipe the leaves. I added a little cocoa powder to darken the green color frosting for a romantic vintage feel.

I colored the frosting purple for the flowers and used a tip #59

I added bright yellow sprinkles for the stamen flower centers.

Tip: If your not comfortable piping directly on the cakes make a batch of Royal Icing and pipe the flowers and leaves directly onto pieces of wax paper and let dry to harden. Then transfer the hardened flowers and leaves onto the cakes. The store bought canned frosting will not harden so you wont be able transfer them from the wax paper.

Easter Blessings Egg Cakes

Easy Little Egg Cakes. Made with pound cake and store bought icing.

Do you remember sugar flower eggs, picking violets or those old fashioned cream filled eggs?




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