Bethany Lowe Halloween Heirloom Collection

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It's no secret I LOVE Halloween! What's not to love?

Halloween keeps us young, it's a time of year when all ages can get involved and let loose. Once a year we allow ourselves to play pretend and indulge in sinful treats. From costume planning to getting crafty and creative with Halloween decorations. Halloween is a fun time of year for the whole family!

Bethany Lowe Halloween Heirloom Apothecary Eyeglasses

Are you ready to make mischief, go bobbing for apples, walk through freshly fallen leaves, take a hayride, dress up and eat lots of delicious Fall treats?

I can't wait, can you?

Get ready for black cats, sinister pumpkins, wicked witches, classic tales, ghastly ghouls, sassy skeletons, wise owls, bubbling potions...

I'm excited to share the new Bethany Lowe Halloween Heirloom collection and Halloween designs that have been brought out from the vault to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bethany Lowe Designs. The Heirloom Collection features decorations handcrafted in highly skilled artisan studios in limited quantities. These unique Halloween decorations are meant to amuse, be collected, and passed down to carry on the magic of Halloween for future Halloween celebrations.


Bethany Lowe Designs 30th Anniversary Celebration Collection


Sourpuss, a large paper mache black cat, a favorite Halloween figurine brought back from the 2005 vault of Halloween designs. Sourpuss is ready to go trick or treating in his skeleton costume, black crepe ruffle collar and party hat. What do you think is on Sourpuss's mind?

Bethany Lowe Sourpuss Cat

Pumpkin Head on Bat is a unique vintage looking paper mache Halloween decoration brought back from the vault of 2002 Halloween designs. Hang this ghoulish fellow from the ceiling for a seriously vintage Halloween effect. This sinister pumpkin head takes flight on a big black bat. What do you think this grinning fellow is up to?
Bethany Lowe Pumpkin On Bat
I love retro Halloween decorations and this Owl in Pumpkin Container is no exception. A paper mache piece that has been brought back from the 2002 Bethany Lowe Halloween archives. This fun retro Halloween decoration features a vintage looking paper mache jack-o-lantern with vellum eyes, mouth, and nose topped with a retro owl head with vellum eyes. Make the Owl in Pumpkin Container come alive by inserting a battery operated light to give your party a vintage Halloween glow.

Owl in Pumpkin Container

An antique style Flying Witch Wall Hanging made from paper mache has been brought back from the 2001 archives. This flying witch is wearing an unusual red dress, witch hat and flowing black cape. She flies through the night on her broom carrying her black cat and haunted pumpkin bucket in tow.

Flying Witch Wall Hanging


New Bethany Lowe Halloween Heirloom Pieces


Some of my favorite new Bethany Lowe Halloween pieces from the Heirloom collection include Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. These two ravens put a unique spin on the classic tale of good and evil. Dr. Jekyll famously struggles with the evil within and creates a potion to cure him of his battle. Instead, the potion unleashes his inner demons and transforms him into Mr. Hyde, an evil, cruel and violent creature. Pair Dr. Jekyll Raven & Mr. Hyde Raven with potion bottles, books of potions, a lab coat, skull and top hat for a sinister scene. Who do you think will win the battle of good and evil?

Dr, Jekyll Raven

Bethany Lowe Mr. Hyde

There are several new heirloom pieces in the Bethany Lowe Old Apothecary Shoppe collection including; the Apothecary Eyeglasses Sign, Skeleton Scale, Grimoire Book of Magic, Queen of the Night Witch, Grimoire Owl Skeleton, Potion Skelly Ornaments and Potion Skelly bottle holder. Get creative with these black and vintage white Halloween decorations. Display the Apothecary Halloween Collection on an antique, vintage or distressed table topped with an old shelf or spice cabinet. Arrange dusty vintage bottles, jars of specimens, tonics, and elixirs. Enhance the aged look with spider webs, fake bones and small animal skeletons in curios cabinets and under glass cloches. Having a Halloween party? Serve cocktails on tarnished silver trays. Label your appetizers, cocktails and jars filled candy with creative names like; Beetle Juice, Dragons Blood, Mr. Hyde's Potion, Truth Serum, Candied Bat Toes, Eyes of Newt and Lizard Legs.


Olde Apothecary Halloween Collection


Like things a bit more spooky? The skeleton Ghoul Candy Bowl made from paper mache will keep watch over your wrapped Halloween candy treats and snitching guests.  The jack-o-lantern bowl with mischievous grin can be illuminated with a battery operated candle for a supernatural party glow.

Halloween Skeleton Ghoul Bowl


Another one of my favorites this year is Into the Woods Witch, she has a unique tale to tell. An old witch with a wrinkled pumpkin face and twisted stem for a nose. Watch out, don't look her in the eye, she might cast a spell and turn you into a toad. Into the Woods Witch will make a unique Halloween centerpiece and keep your guests on their toes!

Into The Woods Witch

Cute Halloween Decorations


Do you prefer cute Halloween decorations? Bethany Lowe has new Halloween figurines inspired by vintage postcards. Part of the Heirloom collection and new for this year are the Halloween Drummers from the Great Halloween Band. This sweet Halloween duo has an antique feel. Dressed in clown costumes, they are ready to perform at your Halloween celebration. More cute Halloween decorations from Bethany Lowe's vintage Halloween collection include; Spook Show a Halloween circus clown, Dragonsaurus a cute little boy who couldn't decide between being a dragon or a dinosaur for Halloween, Catnip a cute little girl in kitty cat costume holding a giant piece of candy corn and Ghosty Child a little girl wearing a ghost cape and holding a skull mask.

Bethany Lowe Halloween Drummers

Fun Halloween Decor


Silly fun characters comprise the Halloween Mummer's Parade* collection from Bethany Lowe. The cast includes Drachootula, an Owl dressed as his favorite vampire character Dracula, Skully's Pumpkin Costume, a silly smiling skeleton dressed as a pumpkin with a pumpkin lid top hat, and Witchy Pumpkin. Group these cute Halloween characters together with Mummer's Parade Buckets and Mummer's Medallion Ornaments for a spooky fun Halloween display.

Mummer's Day Parade Halloween Characters

*Mummers parade is an old folk festival in which local clubs compete in elaborate costumes.


*Mummer: One who wears a mask or elaborate costume during festivals or while merrymaking.

Unique Halloween Centerpieces


Fancy Crow is a fantastic large paper mache Halloween decoration from the Heirloom collection dressed in an orange clown costume with party hat and skull wand. This unique Halloween decoration is a large statement piece looking to put on a show at your Halloween party.

Fancy Crow

Do you love owls? I do too! This Wise Old Sorcerer Owl is a magnificent Halloween decoration. Watch this wizard use his magical powers to put a spell on your Halloween guests. A large statement piece that will make a lasting impression.

Wise Old Owl Sorcerer

The Old Sorcerer Container is an old fashioned Halloween paper mache owl head container with crescent moon and star party hat. Display the Old Sorcerer Owl Head Container on your Halloween party table. Hide a little surprise inside for family and friends.

Wise Old Owl Head Container - Paper Mache
One of my favorite Halloween decorations this year, is the Black Cat in Witch Hat. A nostalgic Halloween decoration handmade from a large pressed paper witch's hat embellished with orange glitter stars and black and orange tissue paper fringe. A black cat with green eyes peers out of a window carrying a jack-o-lantern pumpkin trick or treat bucket. A cute Halloween decoration that will be a hit at your old school Halloween party.

Black Cat in Witch's Hat

I love Bethany Lowe Halloween decorations because they combine great folk-art style with a vintage feel. You can easily mix them with new, vintage or antique decorations to create and customize your own unique style.

"Halloween was an especially magical time for my family and has been one of my favorite holidays since I was a child. In the small farming community where I grew up, children dressed in homemade Halloween costumes and went trick-or-treating door to door.

Every year our community hosted a Halloween party for the children where we carved pumpkins, bobbed for apples, played Halloween games, and had costume contests.

When my older brother and I went trick or treating as grade schoolers, we covered the entire town. Every house on the block had the welcome light on and was decorated to greet the greedy youngsters in search of goodies."

~ Bethany Lowe

Frightfully Delightful Halloween Decorations


Halloween is a magical time of year. Toss your cares aside and play pretend. I love trick-or-treating with the kids, dressing up in costume, carving pumpkins, spooky stories, Halloween parties, and spending time with family and friends all while creating magical memories along the way?

Plan a mystical evening of fantasy and fun. Create an imaginative setting with unique Halloween decorations to create a mysterious mood. Whether you're decorating for your family, a houseful of party guests or simply greeting trick-or-treaters at the door Bethany Lowe Halloween decorations will transport you and your guests into the magic and spirit of the season.

Get your broomstick ready, wave your wand, cast a spell! The party is about to begin!

Capture the magic of Halloween. Discover these frightfully delightful Halloween decorations at

What are your favorite things about Halloween?



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