Easter Blessings ~ Illuminated Cross Cake

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Marge W | 0 comments

I was inspired to make the cross on a cake for Easter after seeing a moving Billy Graham evangelical ministry message; The Cross on YouTube that took place showing his cabin home on a hill top in the Carolina's. There was an old rugged twisted wooden cross in the video, the most beautiful rugged wooden cross.

Easter Blessings Cakes with Cross of Jesus

To illuminate the Rugged Cross Cake place a piece of tissue paper under a glass serving tray with our quick and easy Mini Robin's Egg Cakes and Petite Easter Egg Cakes.ย  Place a battery operated light underneath the serving tray.

Jesus Rising From the Dead Easter Cakes

Jesus Christ's resurrection from death opens the way to new life.

Share your Easter Blessings and Easter Rugged Cross Dessert Cakes with family and friends. At your table they will be reminded of sweetness of grace, love, & forgiveness the cross bears. To hunger for God, live in grace, mercy and love.





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