Mini Robin's Egg Cakes

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Easter party planning can be a snap. With store bought ready made pound cake and frosting from a can. With this easy to follow Mini Robin's Egg Cake recipe for an Easter celebration with family and friends.

Mini Robin's Egg Cakes

My inspiration for these beautiful blue egg mini cakes is just right outside my window. I have a bird's eye view, it's Spring, pussy willows have just popped open. Bird's are chirping. My pink cherry blossom tree in front of my sitting room window is about to bloom. Every year I enjoy Mother robin coming back to the same nest to rebuild what winter has torn down. Mother robin fast at work preparing a warm safe place. She lays her eggs, their a beautiful robins' egg blue. Baby robins hatch, Mother robin red breast fly's in and out of her nest bringing back food to feed her babies.


• 1 - 16 oz. Frozen Pound Cake
• 1 - 16 oz. Canned frosting
• Blue food coloring
• 1 - T Cocoa powder
• 1 - T Vanilla extract
• Egg shaped cookie cutter (I used a 2" cookie cutter)
• Clean paint brush for speckling eggs.

Take pound cake out of the freezer and allow to thaw for several minutes.  Once pound cake has thawed slightly cut across the top of the pound cake just enough to make the top flat. Cut pound cake in half lengthwise.

Cutting Pound Cake in Half for Mini Robbins Egg Petit Fours

Use your cookie cutter to cut egg shaped pieces of pound cake. I pressed the little cakes out of the cookie cutter from the bottom up so I wouldn't leave indents on the top of the little cakes. 

Cutting Pound Cake with Egg Shaped Cookie Cutters for Mini Easter Egg Cakes

Set a wire rack onto a baking sheet. Place the mini pound cake egg shapes on top of cooling rack.

Mini Egg Pound Cake Cutouts waiting to be glazed

Heat frosting in microwave until melted, add blue food coloring. I used a few drops of neon blue and one drop of royal blue food coloring.

Glaze for Mini Robin's Egg Easter Cakes

Pour blue icing over top of cakes until completely coated. If your icing begins to thicken simply reheat in the microwave for a few seconds.

Pouring Icing Over Mini Easter Egg Cakes

Let the cakes set for 15-20 minutes. While your waiting for the icing to set, mix the vanilla extract and cocoa powder together. Dip the paint brush into your chocolate paint, flick the bristles with your finger to create egg specks. I recommend practicing first on a piece of wax paper.

Chocolate Paint to Speckle Mini Egg Cakes

I just couldn't resist making one golden egg.  I sprayed one frosted egg cake with Wilton Gold Color Mist, shimmering food color spray.

Speckled Mini Egg Cakes with the Mini Golden Egg CakeI'm ready for Spring! What about you?



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June 15, 2017

Does the icing set up,as it would on petit fours? And can u coat them twice, To thicken the coat? Also does the spatter (speckles) dry? Or remain tacky? thank you so mich!

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