Lori Mitchell - Creator of Fun Loving Characters

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A Magical Figurine Collection


Folk artist Lori Mitchell designs whimsical paper mache, figurines and sculptures. Lori's charming figurines with wire legs and silly colorful socks are her stand out trademark. Her characters come to life with magical child like expressions, delivering a bundle of smiles and fun to everyone they greet.

Lori Mitchell Figurines

Lori had a passion for art and drawing even in grammar school. Her big brother was a major influence, he was very good at drawing. Lori wanted to be just like him. Lori's high school teacher recognized her talent early on for art and gave her a vote of confidence with his encouraging words that stayed with her. Lori Mitchell continued her study of art at Rhode Island School of Design.

When Lori Mitchell was just starting out as an animator she left her career to help her Dad after her mom passed away. It was a trying time but she never gave up on her dreams. Lori stayed true to her inner talents from childhood.

When one door closes another one opens. Fellow artist friend Jody Battaglia encouraged her to work with paper mache. Lori had studied paper mache techniques while in college. Debbee Thibault another folk artist gave her helpful information on bringing her figurines to market. The time was right and Lori was ready to seize opportunity.

Lori Mitchell came full circle and Karma came knocking at her door. Lori did the right thing by honoring her parents and good things began to happen....

Lori Mitchell has taken paper mache to a whole new level. She finds inspiration from children, animals, nursery rhymes characters, folk artists and vintage toys. She crafts the original figurines from wood, wire and paper mache. Lori brings them to life with colorful acrylic paint, creative costumes, whimsical socks and expressive faces. Lori Mitchell's characters are so cute, they will put a smile on your face, you'll want to collect them all!

Lori Mitchell reproductions are available at: The Holiday Barn

Lori Mitchell Halloween figurines are fun loving childhood characters trick or treating in colorful Halloween costumes with Lori Mitchell's signature crazy socks. Carrying wands, pumpkin buckets or treat bags. Ready to go out Halloween night, with excitement of spooky good fun and surprise in their eyes!

Lori Mitchell Halloween Figurines Group
Whimsical Christmas characters with childish expressions filled with delight await Santa on Christmas Night. Popular Lori Mitchell Christmas characters include; Choo Choo MaGoo, Little Dasher Reindeer and Henry and Holly Come Caroling.


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