Candy Corn Hi-Hat Cupcakes

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50's Halloween Trick or Treating, Bags Candy Corn!

These Candy Corn cupcakes remind me of the 50's when I was a little girl. Candy Corn was a treat given out in small filled trick or treat paper Halloween printed bags. As a child, kids in the neighborhood would frown on getting more candy corn, it seemed everyone gave it out. All the trick-or-treaters would say,"Oh no, not more candy corn!" Now that I'm an adult, I crave candy corn, it's the official go to Halloween candy. It brings back nostalgic childhood memories of having fun on mischief and Halloween night.

Candy Corn Hi-Hat Cupcakes

Candy Corn Hi-Hat Cupcakes Dipped in Chocolate

You will need;
- Cupcakes made using your favorite cake mix or your favorite cupcake recipe, I used vanilla cake mix.
- Make your cupcakes even more festive using Halloween cupcake papers.
- Ready made white frosting plus orange and yellow food coloring.
- A large round pastry tube for piping frosting
- White chocolate melting wafers, melted in microwave or double boiler on low heat.

Divide frosting into three bowls. Color one bowl of frosting orange and one yellow leaving the remaining bowl white.
Fill pastry bags (I used disposable pastry bags to make cleanup a snap) for piping with yellow frosting, orange frosting and white frosting. Pipe first swirl of yellow frosting on each cooled cupcake, just like the colors of candy corn. Place in the freezer for up to 30 minutes or until firm.
Dip the cupcakes upside in white chocolate, let the excess chocolate drip off before turning right side up, it's that easy. You can also add food coloring to the white dipping chocolate in yellow and orange to make a trio of white, orange and yellow chocolate covered hi-hat cupcakes.
When I took my first bite of these candy corn cupcakes it had the taste and texture of mellowcreme candy corn. My daughter exclaimed "it tastes like a vanilla white chocolate truffle, mmm yummy!" I really like the texture that the white chocolate brought to the Hi-Hat Candy Corn Cupcakes. It's time to invite family and friends to share these special Halloween sweet treats!



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