Xanzabelle Witch

Sea Witch

Shell & Sea Glass Collector...

Xanzabelle likes to fly over Sanibel Island scooping up all the different shells. She doesn't have a pumpkin pail, oh well! Sometime she finds sea glass in shades of blue and green. Xanzabelle is not mean, but I will tell you she eats lots of Halloween Monster Mash jelly beans.

Xanzabelle Witch is a wide green eyed lady wearing a tinted green net cape with magical star wand, black witches' dress and hat and black and green laced boots. Xanzabelle likes to hang out with fellow collectors. She'll be your best BFF forever!

• Stuffed fabric witch doll with hand painted face.
• A Joe Spencer of Gathered Traditions design.
• 22" tall.
• Imported.

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