Victor Goth Boy Portrait

In the dark gloomy Victorian mansion on the hill lives two children named Kat and Victor. With their quirky Goth parents, you might say, they're a little edgy. They're into black and have pale white faces and wear dark makeup around their eyes. This place is mysterious and sometimes humorous. Their black and white dog named Shadow, head wags, and his tail barks. Victor is a mischievous character by nature when playing games with his sis. He tries to appear harmless but always tries to scare her with hairy black spiders.

Create a Goth Halloween atmosphere with Victor Victorian Goth Boy in Oval picture frame. Wearing black Victorian period clothing holding a hobby horse. Hang Victor on your wall for dark, edgy Halloween appeal!

  • 15.5" tall.
  • A unique Halloween prop with a goth feel.
  • Hand painted resin and fabric details.
  • A three-dimensional portrait for an edgy Halloween party decoration.
  • Part of the Haunted Manor Family Portrait Collection.
  • Imported.

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