Trick or Treat Pumpkin & Cat

Going Out On the Town

Chubby pumpkin and cat going out on the town, wearing top hats with bat lollipop and skeleton in hand. 

You've got to love these wide eyed jolly Halloween characters.

Pumpkin head is holding a cat balloon with party hat and a delicious bat lollipop while a spider crawls on his head. Wearing green checked pants, blazer with orange piping, green bow tie and a special occasion top hat.

Black Cat is holding a skull wand with party hat and trick or treat pumpkin pal. This fun and sassy cat is wearing trousers with suspenders, green spider tie and green derby hat.

• Greg Guedel for Bethany Lowe.

• Set of 2 assorted.
• Hand-painted paper pulp.
• 9" x 6" and 7-1-1/2" x 5".
• Imported.

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