Lori Mitchell Tom & Goodie Pilgrim

Turkey Talk

Gobble Gobble Gobble.....

Have fun at the Thanksgiving Day parade; please come. Turkeys march one by one to the beat of the drum. Indian Guide & Princess will be walking hand in hand. Find Tom & Goodie selling their pumpkin pies in the Grandstand. Yum, yum.

Tom & Goodie wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom & Goodie share the pumpkin pie at the Harvest Fest. You'll recognize Tom in his pilgrim hat, holding a pumpkin and wearing a collared pilgrim costume, and Goodie wearing a pilgrim smock & bonnet with a basket in hand. See you at the stand!

• Lori Mitchell.
• Resin & wire.
• 5-1/2" tall.
• Set of 2 assorted Pilgrims.
• Imported.

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