St. Lucia Doll

St. Lucia was a young lady who was very giving and made many sacrifices to help feed others. She would bring food to the starving persecuted people. St. Lucia day was first celebrated in the late 1700s in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Croatia and Bosnia. In Sweden December 13th is winter's shortest day of the year they call it St. Lucia Day. In Denmark during the forties, a peaceful St. Lucia parade was demonstrated to remind every one of hope by lighting candles.

Brew a pot of Christmas coffee. St. Lucia doll has on a white dress carrying a plate of warm raisin buns flavored with saffron. Her braided blond hair is adorned with red bows and a crown of evergreen lingonberry branches which represents new life. Pose St. Lucia Doll in a kitchen chair or hutch, she is beautiful on the inside as well as the out! St. Lucia reminds us all to give food to pantries throughout the year!

  • 20 " tall St. Lucia Doll Sitter
  • Resin and cloth doll with weighted bottom
  • Intentionally distressed to appear aged
  • Imported

Category: Christmas, Joe Spencer

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