Squirreling Around - Large Paper Mache 18"

These two are squirreling their nuts away for the winter. They're doing a good job on this pumpkin too. The squirrels remind me of the real pumpkin that was put outside in my daughter backyard for the Fall. They did the same thing, only they ate the pumpkin until their cheeks were full. Talk about squirreling around, too funny!

Bountiful harvest brown squirrels and an orange pumpkin makes an Autumn and Thanksgiving celebration statement. Your guests will get the warm and fuzzies of the season before the long winter comes. Sounds like a good time to start a fire in the fireplace. Your home will be very welcoming with this Squirreling Around statement piece!

  • Two piece aged paper mache Harvest display.
  • 8.25" x 12.5" and 13.5" x 18".
  • Bethany Lowe.
  • Imported.

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