Skelly Skeleton Ornament

Make No Bones About It!

Skelly wants to go to the Halloween dance but he has no pants. So he sticks out his thumb to hitch a ride to the Old Stone Chapel cemetery with his red bow tie and black top hat on. Skelly Skeleton hid behind a tree and all the ghosts laughed and went, "hee, hee, heeeeee!" So he hid behind a cemetery stone to cover his bones. Now Skelly Skeleton is all alone listening to all the grave yard spooky groans!

Are you having a Halloween dance party? Skelly is waiting to be invited to your Halloween party. Skelley is just the right size for a Halloween candy buffet table or hang him on a tree branch.

Skelly Skeleton black cloth skeleton doll ornament with painted bones dressed in a red bow tie and black top hat.

• Hand-painted cloth Halloween ornament.
• 12" Tall.
Joe Spencer Halloween. Gathered Traditions.
• Imported.

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