Sissy and Her Cat

Big Brother

What the heck...

I'm her big brother, she's a pain in the neck. My Mother said I have to watch her. Sis used to ride and jump horses. Now she wants to ride a cat with a hat. What do you think of that? Sissy cries if she doesn't get her way, to ride a cat this Halloween day. "Oh, what the heck! She is my little Sis, let her have her way."

Bring your camera to take pictures of Sissy and her black cat. They will be competing for best in show. Her black cat will be wearing a cute orange party hat. Sissy will be all decked out in her witches costume with orange sweater, pleated skirt, big witch hat while balancing on her cat holding a pumpkin pal.

• Lori Mitchell Halloween.
• Resin & wire.
• 7" tall.
• Imported.

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