Sean or Shawna Indian Boy or Girl

Tribal Harvest!

Teepees abound, drums a pound! Bum, bum, bum, bum get on your sit upon by the pow wow camp fire. Come share in the fun. At the corn and pumpkin Indian harvest, sharing and giving thanks.

Sean and Shawna will be wearing traditional Indian clothing for the harvest ceremony. Sean has fringed pants and shirt with colorful Indian pattern. He has on moccasins and Indian headdress bandanna with a feather. Sean is holding a pumpkin to share. Shawna has on an Indian fringed skirt with Indian print design. She has on moccasins and Indian headdress with a feather on her dark braided long hair. Shawna holds corn for the October fest.

• Hand painted stuffed fabric Indian dolls
• Joe Spencer of Gathered Traditions. 
• Size: 23" Tall.
• Imported.

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