Scarecrow Tablepiece Figurine with Crows

"Boots on, boots off, boots on, boots off that what I hear all day from the Mrs." "How is this scarecrow expected to get any work done hanging out in the garden anyway?" " "I know dear, but you have a lot of dirt on your boots. Well honey it isn't easy scaring crows, birds, deer and what have you. By the way sweetie, can you sew some more patches on my pants please! Ok, pretty please!

Oh boy, can I relate. You've got to love this hard working straw filled fellow just trying to get the job done. Dressed in a handmade orange and brown outfit. With black crows in straw hats on his head and shoulder trying to eat all the seeds that have just been planted in the vegetable garden. Shoo, shoo black bird, fly away home. Tablepiece Scarecrow with all his hand sewn stitches will set a playful mood for your Halloween and harvest table for many fall seasons to come.

• Bethany Lowe Halloween & Harvest Collection.
• Resin, raffia and crepe.
• 14 1/4″ x 6 1/2″.
• Imported.

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