Republican Elphonse Elephant

Republican Elphonse Elephant in red, white and blue Uncle Sam campaign speech today will be at the American legion fair grounds. Get out and exercise your vote. It's a freedom to live and be born in this great land. From the beautiful green forest, to the rivers and mountains so high. Bless this land and big blue sky, let freedom ring. Join the party today, republican Elphonse Elephant is asking for your vote on election day!
Come celebrate with Elphonse  you'll see him wearing a patriotic white stars, red stripes and blue suit. He will be campaigning, standing tall on a R block so you can see and hear his speech loud and clear. Republican Elphonse is holding a vote pennant sign, so come out, support him, elephant tusks and all. Show your patriotism decorate with red bow tied Elphonse, put him in a rustic hutch or shelf.

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