Pumpkin Head On Bat

Black bat riding rodeo to be held at Goblins Farm fair grounds. Buy your tickets to see this amazing Bull and Bat riding show, staring Pumpkin Head on Bat. Quite the Halloween balancing act on bat with his hands in his pockets. I would have never thought of that, CRAZY!

Pumpkin Head On Bat has a big grin from a rodeo jumping Halloween spin. Decorate your party with this 1st place bat riding pumpkin head man, hang from covered porch or family room ceiling for a vintage Halloween spin.

A special paper mache Halloween decoration made in limited production to celebrate Bethany Lowe's 30th Anniversary.  Pumpkin Head On Bat has been brought back from the 2002 vault of Halloween designs.

  • 21" x 19-1/2"
  • Paper mache Halloween decoration.
  • Bethany Lowe 30th Anniversary Heirloom Collection.
  • Imported.

Category: Bethany Lowe, Halloween

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