Parcel Mouse by Charlie Bears

Parcel (pronounced Parr - cell) is made from four different mohair and alpaca fabrics. From the wintery white to soft icicle blue colors he looks like a beautifully packaged present. He has a long satiny two tone hat and scarf set which glimmers under any light and a gentle curve to his arms, perfect for carrying presents He has a cloud grey ultra suede tail and mousy whiskers. Most definitely a mouse that anybody would really rather like in their house!

• Charlie Bears Isabelle Collection.
• Designed by artist Isabelle Lee.
• 9.5" (24cm) tall.
• Mohair and alpaca mouse.
• Limited Edition of 500.
• 5 Way jointed mouse.
• Arrives with an Isabelle Collection bag.
• Mouse family: Grotto Mouse (sold separately.)
• Suitable for collectors ages 14+.
• Imported.

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