Old Witch Marionette

It's a puppeteer convention, puppeteers are planning a Halloween show. Old Witch Marionette will be dancing and cackling, in the musical gig. Penny candy and witches' brew will be for sale!

Old Witch Marionette is wearing a black dress and holds onto her broom, she will be in flight real soon! Hang and position this Old Witch with warts on her face and a potion bottle tied to her waist for a magical Halloween display! Come join in on the Halloween fun!

  • Reproduced from Bethany's hand-sculpted originals.
  • PVC body, fabric, embellishments, wood control and jute.
  • 30" x 12". Total height 42" including control and strings.
  • Bethany Lowe Designs.
  • Imported.

Category: Bethany Lowe, Halloween

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