Off To See The Wizard - Dorothy Figurine

I've Got A Feeling

We're Not In Kansas Anymore...

Some where over a rainbow my friends will wait for me; the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow in search of a heart, courage and a brain. They are off to see the Wizard but there will be a few bumps in the yellow brick road along the way.  Help Dorothy find her way home.

Skip and dance along with Dorothy and her little Dog ToTo too. She will be ready to click her ruby red slippers while wearing a blue dress her Auntie Em made and carrying a basket with her little terrier.

• Part of the Lori Mitchell Wizard of Oz Collection.
• Resin & wire.
• 7" tall.
• Off To See The Wizard (Dorothy) pictured left. Scarecrow (pictured on right sold separately).
• Imported.

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