Mr. Hyde - Bethany Lowe

Mr. Hyde, what a nut, mixing up all these crazy potions. I wonder if he committed any Halloween crimes or is he out for just a good time. Laughing, cackling and joking around kind of guy. He looks like he's up to something on this foggy moonlight night. Holding a skeleton cane and a poison elixir bottle. We better run home and tell my big brother.

Mr. Hyde Skeleton crow lives on Dark Shadow Avenue. He's all dressed up in his top hat and black coat. This split personality fellow has a repudiation for being a old crabby goat. Invite Mr. Hyde this evil eyed feather fellow to your Halloween costume party. Just watch him around all the ladies and gentlemen, he's a real smooth talker. Party goers will get a kick out Mr. Hyde and you will too. Place him at your drink or candy station. Pair with Dr. Jekyll for a Halloween decorating sensation!

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