Katherine's Collection Master McIntire Bust

Come join me for a warm cup of tea, sit by the fire with my ghostly hound dog and stay awhile. Master McIntire is in his library room reading about Halloween haunts. He'll welcome you real soon before he lets out his resident haunted goons. Let's retire to his decorated black damask velvet resting place where ghosts haunt. Would you like some crumpets and tonic tea my dear? I'll have my butler bring you some. Beware, this brew may not cure all ills or chills. Apparitions will be walking through the halls and walls in this dark drafty mansion. If you get scared tonight before going to bed, hide under the crisp cold sheets. Cover your head because tonight there will be the walking dead!

Master McIntire is the landlord of Cranmore Mansion, a haunted ghostly estate. You'll find him dressed to kill in his circa 1898 attire.  All are welcome, Halloween tours are given daily.

A large bust of an Englishman with tremendous sideburns dressed in black and white. He'll be listening to your secrets behind the hidden doors. Master McIntire butler bust an exquisite Halloween collector's piece!  Master McIntire's patience is growing real thin when a black raven flies in and lands on his head! He'll be in the butler's pantry waiting ready to serve you and your guests at your Halloween party! Set him on a Victorian piece of furniture or pedestal to welcome your company at the front door!

  • 34" Tall Halloween statement piece.
  • Resin and fabric Halloween prop.
  • Note: This Halloween prop is not animated.
  • Family Portrait Collection.
  • Imported.

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