Lori Mitchell Polk-A-Dottie Boo

Accordion Dance

Halloween Polka Sunday...

Hear the folk music, hear people dance, come to the polka celebration. Bring on the food, bring on the fun. Put on a smile; it's polka Sunday! Get your dancing shoes on, and don't skip a beat; you gotta have quick feet on polka Sunday.

See Polk-A-Dottie Boo on Polka Sunday wearing a roasty toasty polka dot hoodie with a masquerade ghost mask and a large grinning pumpkin treat bucket ready to be filled with ghoulish polka treats.

P.S. She has the cutest rosy cheeks, a Lori Mitchell signature, and wears adorable Mary Jane shoes.

Lori Mitchell Halloween

• Resin & wire
• 5.75" tall
• Imported

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