Lord Blackmoore in Frame

Lord Blackmoore, a shrewd businessman during the turn of the century. Made a shady business deal with the Royal Palace. He mysteriously expired shortly thereafter.  Now Lord Blackmoore is back in business, as a ghostly inhabitant with a vengeance haunting the palace walls. If you insist on taking the Royal Palace tour, brace yourself. Come along to the portrait chamber. Organ music will be playing by apparitions floating all around you. His disembodied voice deepens with rage as you cross his path.

Lord Blackmoore in Frame is a large Halloween statement piece. Wearing magnificent Victorian era style clothing with a stately jeweled spider top hat. A sophisticated black & white Halloween prop embellished with sequins, glitz, and lace. This hauntingly pompous figure sports a gaunt pale face with long white hair. A  grand three-dimensional Halloween prop that protrudes from an ornate Victorian style skull frame.

Get ready to spook your walls, friends or enemies. It's party time! He's counting the days on his fingers until he meets you!

  • A large sophisticated black & white Halloween prop.
  • Fabric embellished with lace and sequins.
  • Hand painted resin.
  • Frame Size: 30" W x 34" L.
  • Part of the Haunted Mansion Family Portrait Collection.
  • This item is not animated.
  • Imported.

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