Jack Pumpkin Head

Jack Pumpkin Head follows the Fateful Dead Band tour. He rides in the back of a '77 Chevy van on a bale of hay. Jack's can't wait for the next stop, the Monster Mash Music Festival on Halloween day!

Jack Pumpkin Head has open orange socks and big toes, from being on the road. He has gauze-wrapped hands with long fingernails from his guitar strumming days.

Jack is quite the goofy character with his yellow party feather collar. When it comes to joking around, Jack Pumpkin Head will be a bundle of laughs at your Halloween party!

  • 13.5" tall pumpkin head figurine.
  • Resin and fabric Halloween figure.
  • A MARCA Halloween design.
  • Decorate with the rest of the goofy pumpkin head and squash characters by MARCA for a funny Halloween display.
  • Imported.

Category: Halloween

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