Hunter Hare Container

  • Easter Spring Bethany Lowe Dee Foust Hunter Hare Container. This wonderful figure depicts a rabbit with pink frill around its neck. The rabbit is standing on an oval container that opens up on top.
  • Made of paper pulp, mica, and pressed paper. This bunny rabbit container measures: 9" tall x 7" long.
  • A Dee Foust authorized reproduction for Bethany Lowe Designs. Dee Foust ~ Creates wonderfully magical holiday pieces. Dee Foust is an avid collector of vintage treasures which translates to her whimsical vintage style collectibles. As an artist, Dee Foust works to pass on the tradition and to capture the imagination of the past. Bethany Lowe designs are hand-crafted which adds to their charm and may vary slightly. Item is imported.

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