Hollis Team Snowman Doll

"Rah, rah, sis boom bah, I made the cheerleading team!" Hollis is excited, he's been practicing and working hard to join the group. He's a very athletic snowman fellow in his cheerleader red S sweater and matching pointed hat. Blue eyed Hollis Team Snowman is holding a red and white pom pom.

Prop Hollis Snowman up on sled or chair with his best friend on the team, Holly Cheerleader. These two snowmen will melt your heart in their matching cheerleader outfits. Hip, hip hurray for SNOW!!!

  • Weighed snowman cheerleader doll.
  • 18" tall.
  • Cloth doll with fabric costume.
  • A Joe Spencer holiday design.
  • Imported.

Category: Christmas, Joe Spencer

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