Haute Couture Skeleton Couple

Mr. and Mrs. Haute Couture are going to a fabulous Halloween fashion show. All the big name Halloween designers will be there. Mr. and Mrs. Haute Couture Skeleton are superstars and will be at the party premier. They'll be wearing one of Mark Roberts chic designs. Captivating pimp daddy faux leopard fur, feather, and tassel fashion are in style this season. This couture skeleton couple touts their exquisite high designer feather pimp hats. The Mrs. is sure to have on her two large signature red roses. Definitely a Halloween statement show stopper!

  • Lavishly detailed and embellished costumes with fabric, faux fur, feathers, lace and rhinestones.
  • 21" tall skeleton couple.
  • Limited Edition Collectibles Skeleton Couple
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included.
  • Mark Roberts Halloween Limited Edition Haute Couture Skeleton Couple.
  • Imported.

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