Fannie Snow Woman

Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Tasting Festival...

On a snowy winter day sledding, Fannie Snow Woman likes to stay warm and toasty. With a cup of hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows. She loves anything with chocolate; cake, truffles and Christmas chocolate bark. At the annual chocolate festival Forrest Snowman will be meeting Fannie Snow Woman for a cup of hot cocoa stirred with a candy cane. They can't wait!

Fannie snow woman with her adorable carrot nose is wearing a velvety brown jumper and hat trimmed in faux fur. Dressed in bloomers, mittens and a winter scarf, to stay toasty warm. Fannie standing snow girl holds a sprig of greens with pine cone. Pairs nicely with her best friend Forrest Snowman. Make sure you have plenty of hot chocolate on hand!

• Standing cloth snowman doll with hand painted face.
• 14" Tall.
Joe Spencer Christmas. Gathered Traditions.
• Fannie pairs well with Sherwood and Forrest Snowman.
• Imported.

Category: Christmas, Joe Spencer

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