Lori Mitchell Ember Goblinglow Fairy

Dream Pretend Believe


Ember Goblin Glow Fairy pretends to fly high over every goblin in the sky. Collecting candy treats at lightening fast speeds. Don't let this little girl kid you, she's got more candy in her pumpkin then anyone on this street.

Join Ember Goblin Glow Fairy in flight as she drops her candy to all of her friends at night. Try to catch it if you can! 

This cute little fairy is wearing a fancy black top embellished with white buttons, orange & yellow flower petal skirt, darling fairy wings, black hair pulled into a bun, a pumpkin lantern hanging from a green shepherds stick. She is sure to warm your heart.

Lori Mitchell Halloween.

• Resin.
• 5-1/2" tall.
• Imported.


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