Ellery Elf - Joe Spencer

Ellery Elf in spite of himself is a really bubbly fellow. He's busy in Santa's workshop making all the wooden creations and train toys. He doesn't want to disappoint any girls or boys. From wagons to fire engine trucks and even rubber ducks, he has a long list to fill. So be patient, he's climbing the ladder to the top.

Have you been naughty or nice? Ellery Elf is tired of shoveling black coal for stockings. Decorate with Ellery with his joyful smile, in his red overalls and matching hat with bell. He's a hard working Elf with a tall Santa list order. His boss has got a list and he is checking it twice. Ellery Elf is eager to fill your toy wishes. Put Ellery Elf with bells on his boots, in your Christmas tree or small wooden ladder for a festive holiday display!

  • Fabric & resin.
  • 14.5" tall.
  • Joe Spencer Christmas Collection.
  • Imported.

Category: Christmas, Joe Spencer, Sale

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