Egore Pumpkin - Lori Mitchell

Frankenstein's Assistant

What looks like on the outside isn't always what's on the inside.

Egore Pumpkin, a mad scientist creation? A pumpkin head witch is scary, you think he is a kid in a costume, but the story get's kind of hairy. He scares the other goblins until they talk to his best friends Larry, Mary and Gary they realize say he's a really a kind, fair squash.

Your invited to Egore's Halloween sleepover costume contest. Prizes will be awarded for funniest, scariest and prettiest costumes. Egore will be the judge. Judge Egore will be wearing yellow PJ's, orange pumpkin head, witch hat, magic bat wand and pumpkin treat bucket.

• Lori Mitchell Halloween.
• Resin.
• 8" tall.
• Imported.

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