Easter Storybook Scrap Ornaments

Benjamin Rabbit Hare is the Picasso of Easter egg painting. He works in just the right light for mixing his own colors. A little red, a little yellow and blue. That will make a beautiful Easter basket just for you. Prizes to be awarded at the chocolate Easter bunny chick hunt, so they're all racing to go. To taste all the sweet candy, jelly beans included, if you know what I mean. Bring your umbrellas and sun bonnets, see you at the Hubbard Park hunt!

Easter comes alive with these colorful vintage scrap Easter rabbit ornaments.

  • Set of 5 double sided die-cut embossed paper ornaments.
  • Victorian scrap images on paper with separate strings.
  • Longest sides ranging from 4" - 4-1/2".
  • Made in Germany.

Category: Easter, Ornaments

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