Defense Dan Pumpkin

Line Backer

Behind the Defense Line...

Just got recruited to a college football team. He'll be playing as line backer. Before that he was a Halloween pumpkin stacker at Cider Hill Farm. Dan is going steady with Lucille Cheerleader. They make a enthusiastic sport couple. Lucille cheers him on the sidelines, Rah, Rah Sis Boom Bah, Go Team!

Defense Dan is  a pumpkin head football player wearing his teams colors; black sport pants and yellow sweater trimmed in orange. Holding a football securely and has black out under his eyes.

He's really tough on the field but when he's off the field he's gentle and sweet with Lucille.

• Stuffed fabric pumpkin boy football player with hand painted face. 
• Size: 19" Tall.
• Note: Lucille Cheerleader sold separately.
Joe Spencer Halloween Collection.
• Gathered Traditions for Gallerie II.
• Imported.

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