Dapper Jack with Skelly Puppet

Mr. Fancy Pants

Opening Night

He thinks he is the cat's meow, in dapper yellow stripped fancy pants. Scaring the crowd with morbid jokes until...Skelly Puppet starts talking on his own.  Ooooouuuaaaahhhhh....

Buy tickets now! Dapper Jack and his scary skeleton dummy friend on stage showcasing at the Midnight Scream Show.  Come see the hair raising humor on stage Dapper jack pumpkin man will be wearing his signature yellow stripped fancy pants, green vest, a big puffy black tie with his clown skeleton puppet. Proceed with caution some members of our audience have been scared to death!

• Debra Schoch Halloween.
• Hand-painted paper pulp, crepe and glitter.
• 14" x 7-1/4".
• Imported.

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