Danny the Devil - Trick or Treater

Friends Playing a Prank!

You Devil You...

Danny the devil what a rascal. The name fits him to a tee. Especially when he puts ice cold sticky ice cream on me. His parents think he's simply divine. I know he can be unkind. Let's play a Halloween trick or treat prank on Danny the Devil. I think that will be just fine, He, He, He!!!!

Danny's mother made Danny's Halloween red devil custom costume with black pompoms and bric-a-brac stitching. He has a tulle black collar and painted devil hat with horns. Danny the Devil is holding a bat witch party bag. Danny will add childhood frisky fun spunk to your Halloween decor.

• Hand-painted stuffed cloth Halloween doll.
• 14" Tall.
• A Joe Spencer design of Gathered Traditions.
• Imported.

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