Count Vloodmyr Vampire in Coffin

Count Vloodmyr Vampire in his black cloak and blood red shirt, is dressed to kill! I got a feeling were he's going to dine tonight! He'll lure you in with charm, fun and fantasy. With unnerving fangs, this morbid guy will take one bloodcurdling bite. Ladies and gentlemen do you want a little fright this Halloween night? Count Vloodmyr Vampire in Coffin is into the late night party scene! Your Halloween costume party will be a big hit with Count Vloodmyr Vampire in Coffin!

  • 21" Casket with 18" Vampire Doll.
  • Detailed fabric vampire clothing and hand painted resin.
  • Pressed paper casket with skeleton damask print inside.
  • Part of the Haunted Manor Family Portrait Collection.
  • Imported.

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