Corn Thief Crow & Caught Napping Scarecrow

Scarecrow has been busy on the farm, in the corn field all day in the hot summer sun. Scaring off the crows and blackbirds, Heckle and Jeckyl. Hear them crow, "caw, caw, caw"! Alright, quiet already, that's enough. Time to take a nap, Zzzzzzzzzz. The nerve of that crow landing on his work boot.

Straw hat scarecrow with washed blue denim pants and an orange shirt. Being poked fun of in the corn field by the black crow in straw hat.

Two fall corny figurines are funny harvest characters for your Halloween, Harvest and Thanksgiving decorating.

  • Hand-painted resin with raffia, crepe and wire.
  • 2 Assorted harvest tabletop decorations.
  • 9.5″ x 5″.
  • Bethany Lowe.
  • Imported.

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