Charlie Bears Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs Fairytale Character set. Set includes: Oink Pig, Trotter Pig, Grunt Pig, and Huff Puff Wolf.

• Charlie Bears Isabelle Collection.
• Designed by teddy bear artist Isabelle Lee.
Oink Pig: 12.5" (32cm), Trotter Pig: 12.5" (32cm), Grunt Pig: 12.5" (32cm), Huff Puff Wolf: 16" (41cm).
• Mohair and alpaca stuffed animals.
• Limited Edition of 200.
• 5 Way jointed stuffed animals.
• Arrives with an Isabelle Collection bags.
• Suitable for collectors ages 14+.
• Imported.

Oink Pig, Trotter Pig and Grunt Pig are all brothers within Charlie Bears Three Little Pigs series. Made from a dense soft oatmeal colored alpaca and each has full trotter detail which also enables them to stand. Each pig wears a tartan styled neckerchief. These adorable little piglets feel perfect to the touch and these gorgeous little characters have an open mouth, french knot nose detail and a cute perfectly proportioned curly tail.

Huff Puff Wolf is made from six different types of material all soft shades of grey. With a full set of whiskers, extra eyebrow detail and a fabulous pair of fangs he really does looks the part! Huff Puff Wolf has large flat feet and stands proud as he seems very pleased with his “Dapper” appearance. He has a long dark smokey grey mohair collar and crescent and a resplendant necklace of a fork and knife so he'll always be ready for supper. His long oversized thick bushy tail finishes his appearance. 

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