Charlie Bears Gorgonzola Mohair Bear

Gorgonzola bear stands like most of his other family members and is made from a silvery grey mohair and dense alpaca. Like his sister Gladrags he has the “who me?” look and feels soft and comforting to the touch like his baby brother Pumpernickel. His shading of soft tonal greys and creams create a magical coloring to this gorgeous bear and like his older sister Blancmange he too has sculptured paw pad detail.

• Charlie Bears Isabelle Collection.
• Designed by teddy bear artist Isabelle Lee.
• 18" (46cm) tall.
• Mohair and alpaca teddy bear.
• Limited Edition of 400.
• 5 Way jointed bear.
• Arrives with an Isabelle Collection bag.
• Bear family: Pumpernickel, Blancmange, and Gladrags (each sold separately.)
• Suitable for collectors ages 14+.
• Imported.

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