Charlie Bears Dreamkeeper

Dreamkeeper is Daydreamer’s older brother.
 Made from a curly russet red mohair with the same peach accents to his chest and tufts in his ears as Daydreamer so it is easy to spot the family resemblance. Dreamkeeper has tickly toes and sculpted paw pads too. He has a hand embroidered nose which has been accentuated by airbrushing and a light coat of wax.

• 20" (51cm) tall.
• Designed by Teddy Bear Artist Isabelle Lee.
• Limited Edition of 400.
• Mohair Teddy Bear.
• 5 - Way jointed bear.
• Teddy Bear Family: Daydreamer, Prince and Pernickety (sold separately).
• Charlie Bears Isabelle Collection.
• Suitable for collectors ages: 14+.
• Surface wash with care.
• Imported.

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