Into The Woods Witch

I leaned against a shaggy bark hickory tree, because the last time I walked, I fell on my knee. My cane was made from a crooked old winding burl wood stick. I bet you don't give a lick. My husband says I'm an old witch with a wrinkled face. Now he's a toad that sometimes jumps on my twisted nose! cackle, cackle!

A different pumpkin head tree witch with a blink and a wink. Coming out of a tree wearing black belted hat. That lives in the woods with a twisted tale to tell. Into The Woods Witch will make a unique and scary centerpiece on your Halloween buffet table. This witch will keep your guests on their toes!

  • 16-1/4" x 8".
  • Hand painted resin pumpkin witch.
  • Bethany Lowe Heirloom Collection.
  • Imported.

Category: Bethany Lowe, Halloween

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