Bethany Lowe Fancy Crow

I'm the biggest fan of paper mache, being brought up in the 50's. It reminds me of the crafting we did as grammar school kids. Black crows were always part of our Halloween cutouts and drawings along with witches, ghosts, owls, bats and big black cats.

Fancy Crow is fit for a decadent Halloween show he is embellished in his fancy orange clown costume with black bats and pom, poms. He holds a Mardi Gras skeleton stick. Fancy Crow would love to be displayed next to candy corn and black licorice bowl treats. He just came back from a New Orleans Halloween celebration and is looking forward to putting on a show at your Halloween party. Fancy black crow, a got to have it Halloween decoration, made special for the Bethany Lowe 30th Anniversary celebration.

  • 18-1/2" x 10-1/2".
  • Paper mache with hand-painted crepe paper.
  • Bethany Lowe 30th Anniversary Heirloom Collection.
  • Imported.

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