Agetha Witch with Skeleton

A Pizza Connoisseur!

The Nose, Knows...

Agetha likes pizza, her cousin Guisepi owns a pizzeria. He makes the best homemade marinara sauce in town. Guisepi grows his own tomatoes. He puts in a little olive oil and garlic in his sauce. Agetha Witch can smell it a mile away. She has all her Halloween pizza parties there every year!
Agetha Witch Hag is from the old country. She's wearing a black European mourning peasant witches dress. Agetha has Ivory hair and a droopy witch's hood on holding cloth a skeleton doll.

This witch with skeleton is a riot . Invite her to your next Halloween pizza party. She can give you directions to the best pizza joint's in town!

• Stuffed cloth witch with weighted bottom.
• Size: 8" x 7" x 38"
Joe Spencer Halloween Collection.
• Rocking Chair not included (sold separately).
• Imported.

Category: Halloween, Joe Spencer

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