Jack Squash - Lori Mitchell

Unique is Beautiful

Be you!

He's no potato head or jack squat but a peek a boo pumpkin with a lid for a head. A big pumpkin boy just looking to fit in. What every you dare just don't give him a chair!

Everybody's different, everybody's fine. Being unique is whats on Jacks Squashs' mind "Mom & Dad I don't want to go out as a goblin or a monster, I want to go out as me, Jack Squash"  "You know what son that's just fine."

Jack Squash goes out trick or treating as himself, a pumpkin jack-o-lantern.  With a ghost treat bag in hand and jazzy pumpkin lantern.

What's not to love.

Lori Mitchell Halloween.
• Resin.
• 6" tall.
• Imported.

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