Myrtle Witch with Frog Prince

Turning Princes into Frogs

"Boil, boil, toil, trouble I'm going to turn this prince to a frog on the double!" At the frog ghost pond down by Misty Creek River Road. Where she likes to find white chocolate toads . Myrtle Witch does her witchcraft with a world wind spin and turns a man to a frog prince with just a grin.

Myrtle Witch has grey hair is holding a frog prince with crown ever so gently. Waiting to hop to your to your neighborhood Halloween block party. Dressed in brown with black ruffle trim with a skull and cross bone netting tied to her witch hat.

โ€ข Stuffed cloth with weighted bottom and hand-painted face.
โ€ข 10" x 48"
โ€ข Joe Spencer Halloween. Gathered Traditions
โ€ข Imported.

Category: Halloween, Joe Spencer

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