Lori Mitchell Clara Ballerina Figurine

Clara's hoping for a sugar plum fairy or a pretty magical theater of ballerinas for Christmas. God Father, Drosselmeyer brings Clara and Fritz a very special Christmas present. A nutcracker for her and her brother. When her brother breaks it cracking nuts, God father fixes it but Clara is sad and still cries herself into a deep sleep. Then she has a dream that all her Christmas toys come to life. On the top of the Christmas tree the angel is replaced by a miniature tree topper that looks like Clara's God Father. The story takes a new twist when the floor is covered with mice. The Nutcracker dances and kicks his long legs at the soldier mice. Clara takes off her shoe and threw them at the mice then went into the cracks. All the toys went back into the toy box!

Clara has brown hair with pipe curls and a lovely dress trimmed with blue ribbon. She likes to dance and give her nutcracker a twirl. Recreate this German story of The Nutcracker that was later adapted for the Russian ballet. Be a part of Clara's Christmas dream, when her toys come to life and watch the magic unfold!

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